Autophobia or Fear of Being Alone

Known as isolophobia or monophobia, Autophobia is the specific phobia of isolation. It varies in degree and intensity leading to different levels of symptoms in suffering individuals.

What is the Fear of Being Alone?

Are you afraid of being alone? Do you worry about your physical safety or do you fear loneliness? Monophobia is an acute fear of being alone and having to cope without a specific person, no matter which form you have, some basic coping strategies may help. Sometime or another we will experience a time when we are alone. Some people fear of being alone for various reasons.

Common Autophobia Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms which are common to many autophobes:

  • A constant sense of impending danger whenever another trusted individual is not within easy reach.
  • Breathlessness, dry mouth, excessive sweating
  • a sensation of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety attack.
  • Scared of being alone in life without a partner

When Autophobia Symptoms are Severe

Autophobia information including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis. The symptoms typically include extreme anxiety, dread and anything associated with Eremiphobia. You can test the severity of your problem with this 2-minute online autophobia.

Cope with Autophobia

Pills might help you cope with your Autophobia but only in the short term. The types of doctors can try to help the person cope with the phobia or understand what is causing the problem. Children may act out as a result of not being able to cope with these conditions. For individuals who are afraid of being alone when they go outside, it may help to bring music to play.

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