Master Cleanse Diet Recipe

The cayenne pepper Diet Recipe is usually just for one serving of the special diet lemonade but during the day you should consume 6 to 12 servings during the 10 day program. You can also choose to make a large batch of lemonade all at once by diving up the servings in the recipes if you want also. The thing is though that the lemonade works best when it is fresh so try to prepare it on a daily basis only and keep it refrigerated at all times. A lot of people think because of the ingredients of the lemonade it may not be very good it really is tasty. The cayenne pepper in the mix gives the lemonade a whole new kick that really surprises your mouth, in a good way.

The cayenne pepper Diet Recipe will require the follow per serving:

– 2 table spoons of organic lemon juice (fresh squeezed)

– 10 ounces of filtered water

– 2 table spoons of organic grade B maple syrup

– 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (ground)

The cayenne pepper Diet Recipe

You mix that all together in a pitcher or glass and voila, there is your 10 day plan to a better you. For those people who do not like spicy drinks, there is an option for you. Instead of mixing in the ground cayenne pepper, take two cayenne capsules with the lemonade drink instead. These capsules are at almost every health food store or pharmacy for around $5. You should make sure you understand everything you will be doing before you just jump into the program, otherwise you might not last the whole 10 days.

When your body goes back to “normal” after the cleanse you then have a chance to start all over. Start eating better foods, exercising more and staying clear of the harmful toxins that can enter your body. Just think of your body as a large machine and in order for large machines to stay working properly they have to be well oiled and maintain. If you do not take the time to “clean” yourself out every so often you may be taken over by the toxins. You can become lazy, sick, overweight and even depressed just by letting poor eating and exercising habits overtake your life.

Once you get the recipe down you may even become motivated to change some other things in your life and with it being so easy to do, there is no question why. The cayenne pepper book is also a great guide to the cleanse and how to handle every situation that may arise during your system. In places like the United States, obesity is a huge problem and these detox cleansing programs can be a great way to help shift the people into a healthier future. The ingredients are all natural too so you do not have to worry about pumping your body with unknown chemicals. Mix up your own cayenne pepper Diet Recipe and start living a better life in just 10 days.

Cayenne pepper Diet Recipe

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