Dive Into Efficiency: Revolutionizing Restaurant Inventory Management With Orca

Good inventory management is critical whether you run one restaurant or multiple locations. You can avoid overordering and paying premium prices with consistent, reliable counts and a sound strategy.

Streamline your inventory tracking with Orca. Orca Inventory is a first-in-class ordering solution that integrates with Lightspeed and Sysco distributors and typically reduces your cost of goods by 3–6%.

Automate Your Inventory

Traditionally, restaurants assign staff to take inventory regularly, which involves counting all items in the restaurant and marking them off on a clipboard. This method is time-consuming and takes employees away from more productive tasks in the restaurant.

With new Orca Inventory software solutions, restaurant managers and their teams can count inventory on a digital device. These systems can also automatically update inventory levels based on delivery invoices, eliminating the need for manual input.

A great restaurant inventory solution will help you reduce waste by tracking food consumption and minimizing overstocking. In addition, it will provide you with in-service low-stock alerts and inventory reports. It will also help you improve vendor and supplier relationships by streamlining communication and keeping accurate records.

Save Thousands of Dollars

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Orca’s fully integrated restaurant inventory software can save your business thousands of dollars in food cost savings by combining POS item and category sales data with advanced recipe-based budgeting, a built-in weather forecasting tool, and one-click vendor ordering and processing. This enables your staff to track the exact amount of each ingredient used and helps prevent theft, waste, and overbilling.

Automate Your Ordering

The restaurant inventory management software market can look homogenous at a certain level. Most offer recipe management, ingredient-level inventory counts, supplier integration, and automated purchasing when ingredients reach a certain point.

The best inventory software can also reduce waste by preventing overordering. That means fewer items in the back kitchen, more on the shelf, and less passing their use-by date.

Orca is a state-of-the-art inventory management system fully integrated with your Lightspeed POS. It can automate your ordering process and reduce your Cost of Goods by 3–6%. It can also save you thousands in food costs by reducing the amount of inventory thrown away. You can also use historical inventory counts and forecasting to see what ingredients you have been over- or under-ordering and change your purchasing habits accordingly.

Reduce Waste

The key performance indicators for any restaurant go hand in hand with inventory levels and costs. Using a tool like Orca, you can boost your profit margins by avoiding food waste and ordering the right ingredients.

Orca is a clean food waste processing machine that uses aerobic digestion to convert waste into liquid effluent. This is then safely filtered into the existing plumbing infrastructure.

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Proper inventory management can significantly reduce the amount of waste your restaurant generates. This, in turn, will help you cut down on your food costs and boost your profit margins.

A good restaurant inventory app will offer robust data analytics capabilities. This can provide insights into inventory patterns, allowing you to optimize your ordering and forecasting processes.

A well-implemented inventory management system also has automated ordering capabilities, ensuring you always have essential supplies. This will further streamline your operations and save you thousands of dollars. Additionally, some software platforms allow you to create automatic restocking processes when inventory levels reach certain thresholds, helping you minimize food waste and avoid expensive shortages. This feature can also improve supplier relationships and secure pricing for your supply needs.

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