Give your Business Credibility with Serviced Office Solutions

If yours is one of the many businesses that are run by one person, you need to keep costs down to a minimum and the serviced office is one way of gaining the prestige that comes with a registered business address in the CBD. Serviced office solutions cover a wide range of services; you might simply want the CBD address for credibility, or you would like a professional receptionist handling all calls, both of which are possible with the serviced office provider.

Virtual Office Services

When you don’t need office space but want the credibility of a city address, there are affordable serviced offices in Sydney CBD where your mail is forwarded to your home address and calls can either be diverted to your mobile number, or answered by a remotely located receptionist. With a registered business address in Sydney CBD and incoming calls handled remotely, your business front is complete, while the Covid pandemic encourages all business to use digital platforms to replace face-to-face meetings.

Major Marketing Campaign

If you are planning to invest in a prime-time TV commercial and are expecting a positive response, you can outsource incoming enquiries to the remotely located receptionists. While it is every business owner’s dream to have thousands of calls coming in, without a good team of telephone receptionists, you are unlikely to service all of the enquiries and when things quieten down, simply deactivate the service until the next time it is required.

Secretarial Solutions

If you have paperwork that needs to be completed, such as monthly accounts, the serviced office provider has qualified staff to carry out essential office work. If you need handouts for seminars, the office staff can print and prepare the exact number of copies needed, which means you have all the resources you need to run your business and with the serviced office, you only pay for the services that you use.

Create the Right Impression

With a prestigious business address in Sydney CBD and all calls professionally handled by a remotely located receptionist, you have an image of success, plus you will never miss a call and with many great office services available, you have all the tools needed for success.

Outsourcing Bookkeeping and General Secretarial Work

Rather than going to the expense of directly hiring office staff, why not take advantage of the serviced office provider’s secretarial service? No liabilities or responsibilities; the work is carried out by qualified staff and ready when you need it.

Search online for the nearest serviced office provider and see what they can do for you and your business.

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