The Ultimate Business Start Up Checklist 

If you are planning on starting a new employee tracking system business in 2021, there are those who would say that this is not an ideal time to be launching a new business venture, yet fortune favours the brave. If you have the right business concept and a lot of commitment and determination, there’s every reason to believe your venture will be successful and here is our ultimate business start-up checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  • The Business Plan– The most important component of any new venture, your business plan should be very comprehensive and include marketing, start-up costs and an organisation flowchart. The average business plan would be 15-30 pages in length and once completed, you should try to find things wrong with it.
  • Your Marketing Plan – You are advised to make contact with a leading digital marketing agency, who can help you formulate an effective long-term digital marketing plan.
  • Insurance – It is necessary to minimise risk to the business and that means taking out public liability insurance and if you are planning to hire people, you will also need employer’s liability insurance. Insure all company vehicles, the company premises and any stock that you hold and that should offer you adequate protection.
  • Focus on your Online Profile– Every business needs a strong digital profile, especially during these troubled times and there are many ways that you can do this; social media, for example, is great for branding and you can interact with users and create a large following. If you are smart, you will set aside a budget for SEO services to get your platform recognised by Google and other search engines.
  • Set Achievable Goals – In your business plan, you should have a 12-month, 3,5 and 10-year plan for the business. Having solid objectives will ensure that you go the extra 9 yards – ask any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you that without goals, you have no real direction – but you should be realistic when setting goals.
  • Get an – Employee Tracking System – This type of software will help you track your own, and your team’s daily activities from the get-go, and help you improve time management and overall productivity, which will be crucial for the successfull start of your business venture.
  • Concept– Every business needs a concept; it might be to offer a second-to-none service or be unbeatable in price, something that defines you and makes you stand out from the competition.

If you have all of the above covered and are determined to succeed, there’s every reason to believe that you will be successful.

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