Tips for Choosing the Right Painter & Decorator

Undertaking a painting or a decorator job personally would undoubtedly save money; but when you consider how overwhelming the whole experience could be, you would always want to hire professional experts to do it for you. Although employing a reputed painter & decorator might cost more, it could constitute a real saving in context to expertise efficiency, and of course peace of mind.

Consider the following tips to choose the best painter & decorator for your next project:

  • When looking for painting work for your home or office, you first need to access the job. Make a proper list of areas that need to be painted, and also include any preparation which would be needed as well. This would help your painter to offer you an accurate estimate for painting services.
  • There is no harm in asking about the previous assignment of the painter you are planning to hire and finding out how successfully they completed it. When you had seen how well they had accomplished it, you can easily trust them. This can also enable you to get new ideas for your painting job, and you could even try them.
  • Another important thing is to check the reputation of the painter. The painter’s service quality is more important than their skills. Find a painter who not only has a great reputation for total co-operation but is thoroughly professional, especially in the work you want them to undertake. You can even check the testimonials of past clients.
  • If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, and need expert advice, Jetblack Painting is the most affordable and convenient decorating service in Melbourne. Their experienced team would bring you the latest and best interior designs or paint options at competitive prices, thus allowing you to select the best service to fit your budget and needs.
  • If you like to go with personal recommendations, like asking friends and family, if they had lately used any painting services and were extremely satisfied and happy with their work, you can even go with it. But still do a little research, as you might have a unique requirement.
  • Never settle on first the painting service you come across. Ideally, you must collect quotes from at least 3 to 4 different painters. And if it is possible, tell them to visit your office or home for viewing the job in person. It is crucial that they provide quotes for all aspects, along with preparations too.
  • Last, but not least, trust your instinct. A professional painter must be on time, neat, courteous, and business-like; all prepared for answering all your queries as well as offering the right suggestion. It is great if they are also as passionate and dedicated about your painting and decorating work as you are.


If you are looking for a specialist for a painting and decorating job in Melbourne, contact Jetblack Painting today. Whether you own a townhouse, an apartment, office, or a luxury residence, their super-qualified, experienced, and reliable team can execute professional solutions for meeting your design expectations and exact budget.

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